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bad lass

the acute have gotten their first ever review!

"The Acute are no usual run of the mill band. Image conscious, yet have the songs to back it up. Now that IS a change. 'Wonderful Mind'has 'Hit' written all over it. Mixing slices of Brian Molko's Placebo with new breed of chart acts like The Killers. The Acute, have a sleazy brand of 'more balls' rock n roll. Taking sonic thrashings, Thurston Moore would be proud of and combining it with the heaviest of riffs 'Wonderful Mind' really is that fucking good. The Acute have the pomp and attitude to out do most their piers. Coming out of no where,us against you mentality, they have much in common with an early Manic Street Preachers (and even shades of Richey Edwards lyrically manic musings). That stops there. Musically, they're fresh and relevent. Ambitious, sophisticated and Sexy.
'Impression Of A Person', is totally nihilistic and terrifyingly catchy, it's like Holy Bible for a new generation. With Shades of New Order and lashings of self mutilating lyrical passages drive The Acute's hunger for success. "Ugliness is in a way superior to beauty/Because it lasts/But nothing lasts/Nothing lasts", they sing. This is all done without sounding cliche, out of date or plain cheesey. 'Abandon Forver', is a killer slice of angry 'Placebo-esque' rock and driven by intense thudding drums.
"How dare you criticise us for being authentic examples of youthful ambition"? One gets the feeling The Acute are out on their own and they prefer it that way. If any band deserves, to shake up the current music scene, it's The Acute. Unaffraid, vain, pompous, talented and have a perfect arsenal of weaponary to take on the world with!"
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